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It was a sunny day in a southern state when I opened an app in my cell phone and write what was then the first page of “Somebody Else’s Blues”. Ten years later, I am excited to share my first novel.  I didn’t stop there, though! I decided to publish an ‘open mic experience’ written in verse and a relationship reflection journal to accompany it. Each can stand alone but they also work in tandem. Fliers and events will follow, but for now, you can pre-order the book(s) of your choice!

The Somebody Else’s Blues book series includes a novel, collection of poetry, and a relationship reflection journal. The series is an exploration of what we can learn about ourselves, who we've loved, how we demonstrate love, and what we expect from it. While each can stand alone, they are perfect literary companions. To learn more and to add each to your collection, visit

Somebody Else's Blues 
Book Series by Rebecca Dupas, Ph.D.



Somebody Else’s Blues: A Novel


Rachel Hunter, a budding journalist, can’t seem to script the perfect relationship for herself. Though she is thriving at work, the thirty-five-year-old has just ended another toxic relationship with encouragement and support from her best friend and colleague, Dorsey. Dorsey, a wife and mother of three, desperately wants Rachel to experience the happiness she knows is possible. When Dorsey learns of a possible prospect for her friend, she urges Rachel to date Marcus, the company's recent hire and newest, eligible bachelor. Marcus, a charming marketing manager, has already caught the eye of several women in the office. With his aspirations already seemingly set on Rachel, he begins courting her although he is experiencing his own bout with loss from a previous relationship. When the two finally cross paths, they teach one another to navigate increasingly complex relationships and to bury the ghosts of their pasts. 


"Somebody Else’s Blues: An Open Mic Experience".


This collection of original poems by Rebecca Dupas is what happens when characters from the novel Somebody Else’s Blues: A Novel are given voice. Take a woman, her ex, her new boo, and her best friend. Imagine they’ve just walked into the same open-mic poetry night to share their experiences through poetry. Those “performances”, new and repurposed poems by the author, make up the chapters in this collection. Through each character performance, readers learn that Rachel is searching for her forever love, her ex Brandon has his own story to tell, her new boo Marcus is eager to show her something different, and her best friend Dorsey has been there to witness it all. 


In tandem with the novel or as a stand alone collection, these poems explore the highs and lows of love and friendship and the turns we take in wanting something different for others and ourselves. Somebody Else’s Blues: An Open Mic Experience is a seamless dialogue about the decisions we make on our journey from judgment to forgiveness and from the allure of love to letting it go.


Somebody Else’s Blues: A Reflection Journal 


When we engage in self-reflection, we develop our self-awareness and learn to analyze how our own patterns and behaviors impact ourselves and others. After break-ups, it is natural and necessary to reflect on our former partner, their decisions and behavior. Still, whether we remain single for a while or commit to someone new, there is a benefit to exploring what we can learn about ourselves, who we’ve loved, how we demonstrate love, and what we expect from it. Somebody Else’s Blues: A Reflection Journal” offers 19 relationship reflection prompts to help you find clarity and peace between the love you had and the love you are seeking.

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