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Dr. Rebecca dupas

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in English from Towson University, Dr. Dupas earned a Master of Science in Curriculum & Instruction and a Doctoral degree in Post-Secondary and Adult Education from Capella University. She is an educator and a life-long learner with 25 years of combined experience in the traditional and non-traditional classroom. 


From earning her teaching certificate from a predominantly White college to being educated in and then teaching in predominantly Black secondary classrooms to now teaching Holocaust history to diverse audiences here and abroad, Dr. Dupas has garnered lessons and experiences that are rich in both pedagogy and cultural competence. Dr. Dupas values supportive learning environments where diversity is celebrated and optimized in ways that contribute to the learning experience.


Her dissertation "White Teachers in Urban Schools" is a qualitative research study that explores what White teachers report as contributions from preservice diversity training to their abilities with racially diverse learners. Through her research, she has explored the successes and failures that participants report in their own learning and teaching and look for opportunities to not only apply those lessons to her own teaching but to the field of education at large.


Now more than ever, educators are needed to make classrooms more equitable for racially diverse learners. Let's work together to ensure that your lesson planning and pedagogy are culturally responsive and that your approaches in the classroom from lesson planning to assessment consider and honor student diversity. I offer a series of sessions to help you explore your personal context, your perceptions and understanding of those you teach, and how you can work to build lessons and classroom activities that promote an open and inclusive classroom environment. 

Empty Classroom

As part of my professional duties in the field of museum education and the work I have done for years, both here and aboard, I am more than happy to speak to your students on topics rooted in Holocaust history. There are universal lessons that we can all carry from the tragic event into our contemporary understanding of ourselves and the role we play in our communities. Whether an exploration of the timeline of events in Nazi Germany or an interactive discussion about the human vulnerabilities that failed during the time period, I am able to adjust presentations to fit most class blocks.

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