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Find the shoot that works best for you.

Whether you are looking for solo images or portraits of family and friends, BSI offers both traditional and non-traditional portrait shoots. Portrait shoots start at $200 and increase by both look, location, and group size. 


Love and happiness just may be the easiest thing to capture on film. BSI offers a unique perspective to making your moments timeless. Whether it is a bench in the park to capture lovers, the bride-to-be prepping for her entrance to the chapel or love's grip, BSI is ready to tell your engagement or wedding day story one frame at a time. Engagement shoots begin at $250. For wedding rates, please send a message to inquire. 


As a host and poet, I've spent years on the stage. I know the value of receiving that one image that captures my personality and my passion. I look for that...aim my lense in the direction of it. BSI's performance and event photography packages are priced by the hour. Contact me for more information. 


BSI offers on and off-site headshot photography. Studio options are available for more traditional head-shots. Allow BSI to capture your best you for your agent and social sites. Headshot packages start at $125. 

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