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Mario Goes to the Museum

Besides being beautifully illustrated, “Mario Goes to the Museum’ serves to begin powerful conversations between children and the adults who read to them. Author Rebecca Dupas offers a question guide to push readers to think critically about Mario’s experiences and the lessons we can all learn from Mario's trip to the museum. While exploring, Mario finds a heightened sense of pride. Rebecca’s goal is to help all children feel like they too are “precious items”.


Rebecca describes Mario’s character as a pleasant surprise. Shortly after completing her doctoral program, she began to write creatively again. “Mario Goes to the Museum“ emerged as a perfect blend of her passions. His fictional experience pulls from her role as a former classroom teacher, museum educator, and researcher of diversity training and education.


“I wanted to tell the story of a young boy who visits a museum for the first time and to highlight that museums are wonderful but often intimidating places for children and specifically for children of color. At the same time, it was important for me to create a narrative about a beautiful bond between a father and son while addressing Mario's exposure to African history and American Slavery. The story is layered just as I hope the conversations around it will be.” - Rebecca Dupas



not without black women

Not Without Black Women is a compilation of poems about navigating the world as a Black woman. The poems compiled in this book of original work takes readers on a journey through the beauty of being Black, the micro-aggressions of the workday, the relentless trauma of the news cycle, the power of love, and the infallible resilience of femininity. The author presents original works in three chapters: the world, the woman, and the wars. She reminds us all that the perspective, passion, and power of Black women are invaluable through poems she hopes will both resonate and inspire.

"You just want us to do all the healing, huh? I could see this being used in a group counseling or support group setting." - K. SIMS
The Coming and Going-2.png

The Coming and Going

"The Coming and Going", a printable relationship reflection journal is now available for download in my Etsy shop. I don't proclaim to be a relationship expert, but I know a thing or two about healing, reflection, and the power of self-inventory. I’m offering 21 reflection prompts from a combination of conversations and insights I've had over the years. Grab "The Coming and Going" for you or a friend who could benefit from guided reflection in order to find peace between the love experienced and the love waiting to be found.

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